Meet Ed Storti

Ed Storti pioneered the concept of motivational Intervention starting in 1973; with his best selling book, Crisis Intervention : Acting Against Addiction in 1988, a chronicle of his early work in creating a positive moment in the addicts and families life. Many Notable institutions in the Health Care industry have acquired his expertise on implementing symposiums on professional behavior for their staffs and management teams.

More About Ed

His more recent book , Heart to Heart has received numerous recognitions for his style of intervening and expectations of staff professionalism. Over the years of utilizing many health care facilities it has led him to present professional talks internationally regarding achieving excellent customer service!

Medical centers, chemical dependency facilities, universities and national conferences request Ed’s educational lectures and presentations. The Storti Model of Intervention personifies the motivational, inspirational and spiritual method of working with the addictive person.

His authored books include Crisis Intervention: Acting Against Addiction (Crown Publishing Company, 1988, republished 2019) and Heart to Heart: The Honorable Approach to Motivational Intervention (Carlton Press, 1995, republished 2001). Ed is also a contributing author of the book, Addiction Recovery Tools, Robert Holman Coombs, Editor, (published by Sage Publications, 2001). Ed devotes much of his time to education on the disease of addiction, the process of intervention and exceeding customer expectations.

Two documentaries featured on television that highlighted his Storti Model of Motivational Intervention are The Party’s Over, Lifetime Television and The Journey Back, PBS Television.

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About the Storti Model

Established 1974.

The Model

A three-year study completed on 397 Storti Model cases (roughly 12 percent of all Storti interventions) showed that 95% of patients go into treatment immediately after the intervention. Even among the 5% who do not immediately accept treatment, 80% accepted treatment within a few weeks to a few months of the intervention, often soon after the intervention. So many patients choose to accept help because Mr. Storti’s method is inspirational, motivational and honorable.

Mr. Storti has worked with disorders and addictions of all types. These include alcohol and other drugs, prescription medication as well as anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating, nicotine addiction, gambling, sexual addiction, and depression. He has also intervened on heart disease, diabetes, and cancer patients as well as on the elderly. These classes of patients often need to be motivated and inspired to accept recommended health care or other treatments.

These outcomes demonstrate the success of The Storti Model, developed over 45 years in thousands of interventions. What is even more remarkable is that these outcomes result from an induced crisis, not from a patient’s Bottoming out –a condition thought by some people as necessary before intervention would be possible. Mr. Storti says, “The myth is that you have to wait until your loved one or friend bottoms out—the ‘bottom’ can mean death, insanity or a (damaged) life style.”