Heart to Heart

Ed Storti’s book, Heart to Heart: The Honorable Approach to Motivational Intervention, is, as he says, kind of a “cookbook” for those wishing to more fully understand the intervention process. What Mr. Storti has done during the course of his decades’ worth of service to the community is establish the Storti method of intervention, one that deals primarily with the “patients” own intellect and emotion with the essential aid of family and friends. Gathering to show support – the “heart to heart” approach – the individual’s family and friends, led by the author, provide a way to indicate to the individual how much he or she is loved and cared about, and that the situation involving the individual’s addictive behavior has reached significant status to warrant assistance. Not an easy concept for the individual to accept.

The book is filled with personal histories and vignettes, illustrating the many different forms of addictive behavior, and the alternatives available to those who wish to help their loved one. Also included is an organizational outline, written in descriptive and easy-to-understand layman’s language, that will educate the reader and instill hope where perhaps none had existed before.  READ TESTIMONIALS